Dogs for Sale

Dog Payment choices are:  Cash, Certified Cheque or Credit Card.

Dogs for Sale

Female Dogs For Sale – A Clarification Note

The females for sale have been born at our farm and have participated in our breeding program.  These girls have been loyal and loving toward us.  Our thanks to them is to carefully find the person or family that will respect and love them.

Each girl has been spayed and is up-to-date on their vaccinations and dental work.

Our females will tell us if they are comfortable in joining up with you and yours.  We watch their body language and your energy to ensure that each girl will be placed in the correct loving home.

Peppy Le Pew – Female – Spayed 2 Years of Age – $1200.00 – taxes are extra

We are sorry to say good-bye to Peppy as she has such a beautiful coat pattern, as well as, a temperament to match.  However, she did not do well as a breeding dog.

Peppy is an extremely quiet, gentle and loving girl and will be great in any family environment.     She loves to sit on your lap for hours.  Peppy has been Home Life trained where there were 4 children – she just loved them all!

She is athletic and can walk or hike for hours.  Peppy weighs 12 lbs. and is house trained and leash trained.

To arrange to visit her with intentions to purchase, please fill out our Farm Visit form.

Thank you.

Here is a picture of her taken today (March 20th) on our forest romp: