Dogs for Sale

Dog Payment choices are:  Cash, Certified Cheque or Credit Card.

Dogs for Sale

Female Dogs For Sale – A Clarification Note

The females for sale have been born at our farm and have participated in our breeding program.  These girls have been loyal and loving toward us.  Our thanks to them is to carefully find the person or family that will respect and love them.

Each girl has been spayed and is up-to-date on their vaccinations and dental work.

Our females will tell us if they are comfortable in joining up with you and yours.  We watch their body language and your energy to ensure that each girl will be placed in the correct loving home.

Cookie – Neutered Male Toy Sized Miniature Schnauzer – 2 Years Old – $600.00, taxes are extra

Cookie came back to us 11 months ago as he had jumped out of his Mommy’s arms and broke both of his front legs.   

Dr. Sukhiani repaired his front legs and he again is a strong and fun-loving little dog.

His Mommy was very stressed over Cookie breaking his legs and became ill herself.  She found looking after Cookie was too much for her.  

Cookie weighs 8 lbs. and is very capable for going on daily walks.  He loves to sit on your lap for hours.  He sleeps in his carrier at night and is fully house trained.    

He is up to date on his vaccinations and dental work.

We are looking for a mature person who is looking for a little doggie to love and to go out on enjoyable walkabouts.   No children please.