2-3 Months

Effective January 1st, 2018, our puppies will receive their first and second set of vaccinations before they will be available for choosing, purchasing and subsequent joining up with you and yours. Thank you, Beverley Boyce

Fairweather and Silverton Litter- Born Nov 25th, 2017 – ALBERTA LOCATION – 4 Males, $1800.00 each, taxes are extra

Island Miniature Schnauzers Alberta in Medicine Hat is pleased to announce an absolutely stunning litter from Farrah and Silverton. The colours of this litter are simply incredible!  We are so impressed. These puppies are calm, quiet and respectful. They are all very lush, and very soft to touch – just like angora. They will remain this way forever – they will not harshen. We expect these puppies to be great in any family setting, as their parents are loving, gentle, and loyal to their human handlers. They enjoy their playtime, but are cuddly and laid back as well. 

These beautiful puppies will be ready to join up with your family from February 10th 2018 onwards. They will have 2 sets of vaccinations, been pre and post bile acid tested, as well as, microchipped, de-flead and dewormed. They will be ready to love you, and receive your love back.  

If you are interested in one of these cuties, please go ahead and fill out the farm visit form which will be forwarded on to our Medicine Hat location. We look forward to assisting you with your puppy purchase!

Here are their pictures taken January 5th  2018:

MERLIN – will mature in the range of 14-16 lbs, will turn silver in colour – gorgeous!









TANGO – will mature in the range of 14 – 16 lbs, beautifully marked parti-colour with ticking. 









KRAMER – will mature in the range of 10 – 12 lbs, creamy white – just adorable!












JESSE – will mature in the range of 10 – 12 lbs, “phantom” markings – beautiful!









Below is a video of the 4 male puppies available. Enjoy!

Lilly and Brujo Litter – Born October 31st – $1800.00 each, taxes are extra

We are pleased to introduce Genevieve Lowe as our Breeding Partner.   Genevieve is a well-known Groomer, servicing her customers from all areas throughout the West Shore and Victoria. 

Genevieve has an in-depth knowledge of Miniature Schnauzers.  She has been working at our farm for 4 years as our Senior Groomer, as well as, she has been offering Home Life Training to our customers for 4 years.   She owns two female Miniature Schnauzers (from our farm) and is thrilled to introduce her first litter by Lilly and sired by our Young Brujo Daddy.    

There is 1 puppy left – Charlie.    He reflects the soft and sweet demeanor of his Mother, Lilly, and the intelligence of his Father, Brujo.  He will mature in the range of 12-14 lbs.    To schedule a farm visit, simply fill out our Farm Visit form, found under the “Farm Visit” tab. 

Charlie lives at Genevieve’s home where there are 4 children and 2 Miniature Schnauzers.    Interested people would visit Charlie at her home.  We will transfer your Farm Visit to Genevieve.  


Charlie – he was the first to have his eyes open allowing him to explore around the “nest”.  Charlie is very social who loves interacting with the kids.  He has an extremely lush coat just like his Mother and is becoming a handsome boy, just like his Daddy.








Farley – Look at those eyes!  He is the biggest pup of the litter.  He was the first to explore outside of the “nest”.  He has a calm demeanor with a lush coat.  – SALE PENDING




Marley – he has lots of ticking throughout his coat.  Marley is a smaller puppy with a thick lush coat.  He is calm and quiet and loves to cuddle. – SALE PENDING






Look at those eyes!   Brienne is a bouncy and cheerful little pup.  She is lush coated and affectionate just like her Mother, Lilly.  Her coat colours and her eyes are just like her Father, Brujo.  She adores children – always exuberant around them, wanting to play, but also ready to have a cuddle after playtime is over with.


Tuxedo and Silverton Litter – born September 28th – $1800.00 each, taxes are extra

Look at these puppies – they are quiet and loving, just like their Mother and Father.  They are ready to join up with you and yours.  They have had their second set of vaccinations, been micro-chipped and de-wormed.  They are all outside potty trained; trained to be quiet in their play pen, in their carrier, come when they are called and are trained on-leash and off-leash.

Simply fill out our Farm Visit form to schedule a day/time to choose and purchase your puppy. 

Here are their individual pictures taken on December 3rd:

Skye – Female – will mature in the range of 12-14 lbs.   Skye has received her Home Life Training.  Her Home Life Training report will be posted on January 16th.









Ranger – Male – will mature in the range of 12-14 lbs.









Here is a video of them taken on January 13th