Home Life Training


All our puppies participate in our Home Life Training Program whereas the puppy goes off site for one week to learn potty training, kennel training, quiet behavior during separation, grooming handling, socialization with adults, children and dogs, leash training that includes our Umbilical Leash Technique, and off-leash training.

Our Professional Groomer/Trainer, Lesley Saddington, participates in our puppy/dog training program whereas she takes a chosen puppy/dog to her home where it lives with her.  Lesley has a grooming shop in her home so her Trainee meets and greets other doggies and people.  Lesley takes the puppy/dog out for two walks a day in a busy dog park environment, as well as, along forest trails.  She teaches the puppy/dog to be respectful with children and to be quiet in her home. Potty chores are completed compliantly outside in her yard.

Vivienne, is our “large dog expert” Home Life Trainer.  Her specialty is training large dogs, so her assigned puppy gets plenty of exposure to her large dog, Kaya, a gentle, large Coyote Hybrid.  Her puppy goes for car rides, plays in her forest with Kaya, learns how to ask to go outside for potty chores and inherits the well-behaved nature of Kaya.

Deb & Jim are a very active couple who enjoy our West Coast trails, beaches and parks. The puppy/dog will experience condo living (on the beach), taken to designated areas on the lawn or beach for potty chores, 2 walks a day, and trained to be quiet in their playpen. The puppy/dog learns to interact respectfully with other neighbours and their dogs, as well as people/dogs on the trails. Car rides to beaches, trails or Deb’s workplace are common. Deb will bring the puppy/dog to work, exposing it to a variety of sounds, surfaces, customers, dogs and staff (all dog lovers) to learn more socialization skills with a green space close by for potty chores. Jim works from home, so the puppy/dog can spend the day accompanied. Lots of love and learning from these two former dog owners. Their dog Buddy lived almost 19 years and is very missed.

The charge for this off-site, one-week service is $190.00.