Puppy Payment choices are:  Cash, Certified Cheque or Credit Card – GST and PST are extra

Puppy pricing reflects the lineage, temperament,  colour, age and economic conditions at the point of the posting of the puppy’s advertisement.

Through our guidance and your farm visit/s, digital photography and/or Skype,  you have chosen your new little bundle of joy.  You have a few avenues for puppy payment – they are:  cash, certified cheque or credit card (Master Card or Visa).

Should you live afar, we will perform the shipping logistics and provide you with the carrier’s contact telephone number so that you can pay for the shipping of your puppy.  We will get your puppy to the Victoria, BC airport.  The only extra charges are the cost of the carrier and our time and transportation to the airport.  We only ship puppies when there is a no stop over/carrier change.  Most of our far-away customers fly to the island to pick up their puppy.  Or you can utilize our Puppy Pilot Program, whereas we will deliver your puppy in person.  This service will be prepaid by the customer.  This service includes the cost of one night’s accommodation and the return airfare.

Cash, certified cheque or a credit card are processed at the point of choosing your puppy.  With all three methods of payment, you and yours are guided through the puppy choice elements, where we ensure that the puppy temperament matches your family’s characteristics and life style.   We recommend that you ask us to send your puppy off-site for one week of training.  This training is called Home Life and it includes such areas as:  Leashing, off-leashing, potty training utilizing the bell or asking to go outside, socialization with other dogs, puppies, walking out on the trail, being accustomed to baby carriages, bikes and other stimuli and travelling in the car.

Payment of your puppy is due on the date that is indicated on the specific posting.   Once you have paid for your puppy, you are invited to visit your puppy once a week.   Should you decide that you do not want your puppy after you have paid for it you will receive a complete refund minus $200.00.  

Please take your new puppy to your Veterinarian within three days of the date of our sales contract.

GST #83229-7519, PST#1017-3628

Island Miniature Schnauzers is registered with Revenue Canada, therefore taxes are extra.

Health Guarantee Policy

This puppy/dog is in good health at the time of purchase.  Please have your Vet examine your puppy within 3 days of this dated contract.  This will ensure that our Vet and your Vet agree that this puppy is in good health.  This puppy/dog is sold as a pet and is not to be bred.  If you are not satisfied with your puppy within 3 days of time, we will gladly take your puppy back and provide a full refund, minus $200.00.  All Vet and transportation charges incurred within this  time period is the responsibility of the Buyer.

Your puppy is health guaranteed for three years – this guarantee covers any genetic disease that your puppy develops over these first 3 years of ownership whereas your puppy requires to be euthanized.  Your Vet and ours will discuss this last step prior to proceeding with the procedure.  This ensures that this is the best choice for the puppy/dog.

We will replace your puppy with a new one of your choice.  The blood testing and 1st set of vaccinations; home life training and grooming will be charged to the customer.

We highly recommend that you purchase pet health insurance for your puppy.  One serious accident or ailment can cost you thousands of dollars.   We recommend that you purchase a policy that has a 0 deductible clause.

Your original sales contract entitled “Terms and Conditions on No-Breeding Contract” depicts this health guarantee policy.  It reads as follows: …To validate your three year health guarantee, you must have proof of your puppy/dog of receiving, on an annual basis, a health exam provided by your Vet.  This procedure will ensure that you have kept your beloved Schnauzer in a great physical condition.  Excessive feeding of a Miniature Schnauzer will induce grave physical problems such as Pancreatitis, Diabetics etc.  Plus this procedure will ensure that you have de-wormed your friend on a regular basis.

We do not refund for any Vet charges and we do not health guarantee for any parasites nor any bacteria that your puppy/dog develops.  Parasites and bacteria can be contacted from your yard, driveway, from any walk-abouts, from bushes, standing water and the list goes on.   Birds, rodents and deer pass these on through their droppings.  We do not pay for any puppy dental or gum expenses.


Puppy Return Policy

Should you not want your puppy prior to 3 days of ownership, and it is in the same condition as when we sold it to you, we will refund the total price of your puppy, minus $200.00 after we have re-homed the puppy.  We will charge you $5.00/day for boarding until your puppy has been sold.  All shipping and Vet costs are your responsibility.  The puppy must be in the same mental and health condition as when we sold it to you.

After 3 days of ownership, should you return your puppy, you may do so up to 3 months of the purchase date.  We will refund you 50% of puppy price, minus any necessary vet bills, retraining (if necessary) and a one time grooming cost.  We will charge $5.00/day for boarding until your puppy has been sold.  The puppy must be in good health physically and mentally.

We do not refund for any transportation, Vet bills, puppy toys, carriers, de-worming expenses, shampoo or hand knitted coats.

Veterinary Bills

We do not pay for any customer’s Veterinary Bills.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs and puppies from Island Miniature Schnauzers.