OGGIE – Chocolate and White Parti with Plenty of Speckling

Oggie is from Snoopy and Cesar.  He was born on April 8th.  He has received his 3 sets of the core vaccinations, his rabies shot, has received monthly de flea drops and has been de-wormed. 

Oggie is super clean, quiet and very loving.  He is crate trained and is outside potty trained.  He is a male chocolate and white parti Miniature Schnauzer.  He will mature in the range of 14-16 lbs.  We are looking for a family or a person who has a fenced yard and who loves to go for walks and hikes.  Oggie can travel for hours on trails.  Oggie is not good with young children.  Oggie requires an alpha handler.

Oggie has been trail trained by Deb, one of our Trainers.  Here is a video of Oggie walking with his friend and Deb.  This video was taken on November 27th

All customers receive an one hour Customer Training session prior to taking their puppy home.  This training high lights the 0 Tolerance Alpha Training Technique utilizing your energy, your body language, your voice and your rope leash to reinforce your intentions.  This one hour class is taught by our Owner, Beverley Boyce, who was trained by the famous Dog Trainer, Cesar Milan.

Here is a video of our Trainer, Deb, working with Oggie: