All Miniature Schnauzers that are born at our farm are welcome back for boarding. We offer a pick up and delivery service in the Victoria and Saanich areas.

For our customers that live up the Island, we will meet you at Petsmart in Langford to pick up your beloved Miniature Schnauzer.

For our Mainland customers we offer pick up and delivery service at the Harbour Air Depot. Our prices are reflected below:

Boarding: $20.00 per day per dog – simply supply food 
Pick up Delivery: $50.00 for both our pick up and delivery service (Victoria and Saanich).  We offer this service from Monday through to Friday.  Please add $80.00 if we ship out your puppy/dog via Harbour Air.

For grooming, our styles are the following:  Traditional Miniature Schnauzer, Summer Breeze (1/4″ all over with a Schnauzer head) and Teddy Bear (1/2″ all over with a rounded head).  The grooming price is $60.00, taxes are extra.

All our Doggang members and our Boarders are off leashed on our 12 acre farm.

You will find that when you get your pup pup back from staying at our farm that he/she is more relaxed, obedient and well behaved. These positive attributes are gained by your pup pup joining up with our Inside Doggang and off leash romping up into our forest and playing in our forest pond.

Note:  All our Doggang members receive a monthly de-flea medication.

This video was taken today, September 5th


Here is a video of Topaz and Murphy.  They just arrived at the farm on the 1st.

Here is a video of some new Boarders.  This was filmed on August 30th.


Here is a video of Mr. Bentley and his friends.  Bentley is is now totally trained to stay on our property.  He and Mr. Wiggles went up into our forest and romped the trails.  Bentley came back to the house with a new-found confidence.  He bright eyes and wagging tail said it all!


Here are two videos taken August 23rd of Bentley and Pebbles



is a new video of some of our Boarders taken on August 22nd:  




Here is another video of more Boarders enjoying themselves outside.  Taken of August 14th



  • Proof of up to date vaccinations (3 sets) of the following:  Parvovirus; Distemper; Adenovirus and Parainfluenza.  Bordetella  (Kennel Cough) and Leptospirosis  is also required.   – THESE DOCUMENTS MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR DOG – TO BE GIVEN TO GARY WHEN HE PICKS UP YOUR DOGGIE OR PRESENTED TO ME WHEN YOU DELIVER.
  • Up to date with de-flea medication – date of last application
  • Has been neutered or spayed by 8 months of age
  • Payment is due upon delivery or pick up of your doggie – cash, e-transfer or personal cheque – cheque is to be made out to Beverley Boyce as I am a Sole Proprietor, thank you.


  • Your carrier (only if your dog sleeps in it)
  • Food


  • TOYS


Boarding Request Form

November 2018 - Leptospirosis has turned up in Sooke, therefore this vaccination is mandatory before you bring your dog in for boarding. Please keep in mind that there is a booster for this vaccination, so you need 2 months to fulfill this vaccination prior to bringing your dog to the farm. Thank you, Beverley

Pick up and Delivery Service: (choose one)
Yes, pick up and deliverNo pick up and delivery

If yes, pick and delivery is fulfilled at noon.

Do you require grooming services? $60

Please choose a grooming preference:
Traditional Miniature SchnauzerSummer BreezeTeddy BearNo grooming required

Your dog will self romp up in our forest and get very dirty. Do you want him/her to get a bath before the return date? The price is $30. (When we give your dog a bath, we are required to comb/brush out her/his coat first. This takes up to 1/2 of labour).

Do you want your dog's nails trimmed? The price is $10
If your dog's nails are long, we will trim them and invoice you the price.

I understand that the dogs who reside and board at Island Miniature Schnauzers are let off leash throughout the day and I understand the risks that come with this.
Yes, I understand and agree to the off-leash risks

Should my pet need medical attention, Island Miniature Schnauzers has my permission to take him/her to Sooke Veterinary Hospital if necessary during this stay and any other future stays at the farm.
Yes, I agree to the medical attention policy

Please provide your dog's CRD license # (found on the dog tag):

In case of a medical emergency, please provide the following information.

Your Cell #:
Your Text #:

With these numbers, we will be able to contact you to obtain your credit card # for any vetting expense. Your credit card # will only be used in a medical emergency and once you receive your dog back your credit card# will be disposed of.

Thank you for your understanding. Beverley