All Miniature Schnauzers that are born at our farm are welcome back for boarding. We offer a pick up and delivery service in the Victoria and Saanich areas.

For our customers that live up the Island, we will meet you at Petsmart in Langford to pick up your beloved Miniature Schnauzer.

For our Mainland customers we offer pick up and delivery service at the Harbour Air Depot. Our prices are reflected below:

Boarding: $20.00 per day per dog – simply supply food 
Pick up Delivery: $50.00 for both our pick up and delivery service (Victoria and Saanich).  We offer this service from Monday through to Friday.  Please add $80.00 if we ship out your puppy/dog via Harbour Air.

For grooming, our styles are the following:  Traditional Miniature Schnauzer, Summer Breeze (1/4″ all over with a Schnauzer head) and Teddy Bear (1/2″ all over with a rounded head).  The grooming price is $60.00, taxes are extra.

All our Doggang members and our Boarders are off leashed on our 12 acre farm.

You will find that when you get your pup pup back from staying at our farm that he/she is more relaxed, obedient and well behaved. These positive attributes are gained by your pup pup joining up with our Inside Doggang and off leash romping up into our forest and playing in our forest pond.

Note:  All our Doggang members receive a monthly de-flea medication.

Here is a video that was today on November 2nd



Here is a video that was taken on November 1st


Here is a video that was taken on October 18th


A new video of new Boarders.  This video was taken on October 14th

Here are the “kids” having their morning romp.  This romp is before their breakfast.  This video was taken on October 2nd.


Here is a video taken on September 30th

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