Yearly Diary Book, Volume 1

It has been a life long dream of mine to live on a farm and raise dogs and horses. Finally through many life’s hiccups I achieved my goal!

I also always wanted to write a book about my experiences with my doggies and horses as each day seemed to unfold such interesting consequences. In 2005 I met my husband, Gary, and with his financial assistance and his hard work, we imported our first Miniature Schnauzers from the United States.

Our original dogs that we imported were: Cash (retired at the farm); Jadie (rehomed); Southern Bell (rehomed); Adeeva (rehomed); and the 3-Pees-Radar, Baby Pee and Pearl (all rehomed).

Through the editing assistance of Robin and Anne, I am thrilled to offer my first Diary Book, Volume 1. It is a 200 glossy-page book with over 100 colour pictures reflecting life at our farm.  It is in a “coffee-table” format – 8 1/2″ x 11″. 

Thank you.

Beverley Boyce

Here is a sneak peak inside the book (only select pages are shown):

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Cesar Millan

I am thrilled to announce that I have been trained by the Master International Dog Trainer, Cesar Millan.
I trained with him and his Pack Trainers at the Dog Psychology Centre in California, returning home with a spiritual awareness of how to work, train and love my Miniature Schnauzers with the “Cesar touch”.

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