Thank you for interest in our level 1 training course.  We had great success with this course and will be working on the new schedule for 2019.  You may email us to schedule a training class this Winter.  


The calm, yet assertive training, of a desired response from your dog/puppy. Your canine never gets her/his way with anything – i.e. no pulling on the leash, no zig-zagging on the leash, no nipping, no lunging at other dogs, no barking at your fence line, no barking at your front door, no barking at other dogs out on your walk, no barking from your car, no barking from her/his carrier/playpen – not doing anything that is not acceptable.

The quick, positive results from our training is achieved by utilizing the “Cesar” touch. You will experience an improvement in your dog/puppy within 5 minutes. You will learn in 4 hours how to communicate with your canine with a positive and telepathic training technique resulting in a calm and responsive dog. 

I trained my Associates in June 2018 and here are their comments:

“It was a great day, I left your place filled with gratitude that I am blessed to be on your team.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, I shared my experience but the telling didn’t come close to the experiencing.  

To feel and understand the power of our energy and vibration in creating a positive communication and outcome with our dogs.  To simplify our expectation, step by step, and to be rewarded with the response from our dog was illuminating and astounding.  This is the most gentle and kindest and loving form of training I have ever experienced or witnessed.  It has taught me to be ever mindful of my personal vibration, especially in my communication with the dogs in my care.

Thanks again, your beauty and generosity is a beautiful gift”.


Very informative, clear instructions and well presented. This course made for a happier and better trained owner and dog in just a few hours.

R&M xox

What an amazing experience! This training method seems so “out of this world” but after a very short period of time you realize that breath, energy and intention are intricately interwoven to create unbelievable training results. Anyone….and I mean this, anyone can learn these life changing training methods!

Thank you Beverley!
Wendy M.

“The training techniques and gentle guidance from Beverley can only be described as world class – a one of a kind, incredible experience. It is amazing and so rewarding to see such progress in a short amount of time – and making an even stronger connection with your dog is a wonderful feeling!”


Hi lovey, 

First I’d like to thank you again for such a fabulous day, I learned so much! You are a natural teacher and your passion for dogs shines through in everything you do. I feel that the work we did this past weekend will serve me so well in all facets of my life, such a blessing to discover. I learned that when working with dogs (or even humans!) setting an intention and using visualization are the keys to better communication. It is when the mind is calm and assertive that these intentions become clear and are easier to convey to our dogs.  I’m so looking forward to using these new skills to further my life and career working with people and their pets. 

Love you Beverley!



For you to be capable of training your canine, you must be in a relaxed and calm state within your body and mind. We at Island Miniature Schnauzers have designed and built training classes to allow you to achieve harmony with your dog. Our knowledge has been achieved through years of living, training and loving Miniature Schnauzers and recently through the hands-on training with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Centre in California, USA in 2018.

Introductory Course – 0TATT1 – Maximum of 4 Students – a child can be a student as long as he/she is accompanied by an adult – All small breed dogs/puppies – up to 30 lbs. – $250.00, GST is extra 


What will you learn from this course:

 • How to properly implement the Cesar Millan “Tsch”.
 • How to train your dog using Cesar Millan’s telepathic and calming methodologies. • How to walk your dog in a calm manner with no pulling, lunging or barking.
 • How to ask your dog to sit and stay; how to stop your dog from being aggressive with people/dogs; how to  calm your dog and yourself utilizing breathing techniques; how to correct barking out on the trail; how to walk a pack of dogs and how to train a puppy on a leash.

Preliminary Information:

 • Please bring your own dog. If you don’t have a dog, we will supply you with one of ours.
 • This is our 4-hour introductory course which teaches the Owner how to ask their dog/puppy to work with
    them in a calm and ready-to-learn state.
 • We start our training at 10:00 a.m. You can park in front of the downstairs door.  Our office is in  the downstairs of our home. Beverley will greet you and your dog at the front door.
 • Your dog will be “parked” in a carrier while it is in the office. A water bowl is supplied.
 • The reason why Cesar’s training works so perfectly well and so quickly is that he always remains in a calm  state. You will be taught how to become internally calm by participating in 3 -minute meditation sessions. We will  meditate before we commence each training module. Our dogs are in the office while we mediate so they  too become calm and relaxed prior to commencing each training module.
 • Beverley will demonstrate with Wolfgang how to achieve each step within each module. 

Course Agenda
10:00 am – 11:30
 • Getting settled and introductions
 • Outline of the course
 • 3-minute calming meditation
Module One – Leash Fitting; Breathing Techniques; Calm Posturing; Clarity Training; Proper Walking Etiquette
 • You will be shown how to properly fit your leash rope.
 • You will be taught how to be clear and concise with your training techniques.
 • You will be shown how to ask your canine to move out, sit down, stay and walk by utilizing a calm energy    and a calm posture – all without talking to your dog.
 • Once you have achieved complete calmness with your dog then you will be given different dogs (student
   and farm dogs) to practice with to ensure that your new-found training technique works on any dog.
   Remember when you approach a new dog, you do not look at it, you do not talk to it, you do not touch it
   for ½ minute. Beverley will explain the significance of this greeting.
 • Finish up by “parking your dog” in its assigned carrier – a water bowl is supplied.
 • Question and answer period.

Lunch Break – 11:45 – 12:20
A vegetable, cheese and cracker platter will be served. Bottled cold water will be available.
12:30 – 2:30
Module Two – Pack Walk Techniques; Blocking and Re-Directing Techniques; Maneuvering Techniques; Placement and Stay Techniques; No Barking Techniques
 • 3-minute calming meditation.
 • We will review our calm walking techniques with your dog. Beverley will ask for a walk, sit and stay.
   Once we are all calm and ready, we will learn the awesome capability of walking 4 dogs at the same time utilizing your new-found calm, yet assertive dog training techniques.
 • You will be simply amazed how your calmness can translate into quiet, happy and willing walking partners.
 • You will be shown how to walk up to a dog with your own dog in hand, utilizing telepathic thoughts, to    calmly take the leash from your co-student and walk out with their dog. You will repeat this technique until you have 4 dogs by your side.
 • You will be asked to walk, halt and sit 4 dogs.
 • Maneuvering techniques will be demonstrated and practiced, focusing on your eye and body control.
 • You will learn how to ask your dog to stay on a mat while there is action all around.
 • You will learn how to ask your dog to be quiet in a carrier or a play pen.
 • You will “park” your dogs inside the office.
 • You will go into a kennel, place the rope leash on one of our farm dogs, take it out of the kennel and calmly    walk it down to the training ring to practice calm walking techniques. This is where your calm telepathic
   training techniques are so useful. Beverley will provide you with guidance and positive reinforcement.
 • You will return the dogs to the kennel.

15 Minute Break – Question and Answer Period

2:50 – 3:15
Module Three – Fun With Puppies!
 • We will learn how to work with puppies with our new-found calmness and assertiveness.
 • How to start leashing puppies utilizing plenty of praise – you do talk to puppies when you are working    with them.

We will regroup in the office to discuss what we have learned and how we will incorporate our new-found training techniques with our dog/puppy.
End of our Training Day.

Registration Process

Vetting Prequisities:
 • Proof of up to date vaccinations (3 sets) of the following: Parvovirus; Distemper; Adenovirus and    Parainfluenza.
 • Bordetella (Kennel Cough).
 • Please scan these documents and email them to:
 • Up to date with de-flea medication – date of last application
 • Has been neutered or spayed by 8 months of age