This is Lavendar’s last litter as she will be 3 this year.  She was bred with Cesar and her puppies all have the sweetness of their parents. They will range in maturity size from 12 lbs. to 16 lbs.  

Their demeanor is quiet with attentiveness towards their human Trainer.   They are ready to go home with you and yours.  They will have received  3 sets of the core vaccinations, been micro chipped, been blood tested  (pre and post bile acids), de-wormed and de-fled.  

Here are their individual pictures:

Yogi – Male, chocolate and white,  will mature in the range of 16 lbs










Yaschka – Female, chocolate and white, will mature in the range of 14 lbs. 

This video of Yaschka was taken on April 6th



Here is a video of Yogi taken on April 6th