For our USA and International customers we at Island Miniature Schnauzers offer our Puppy Pilot Program Service.
This service entails the following logistics:

• One of our Puppy Pilot Program team members will fly with your puppy in the cabin to your destination. The team member will stay overnight and fly back to the Island.
• The cost of this service is:
o Economy airline ticket
o $275 transportation and Associate’s time
o 1 night of accommodation  We encourage you to invite our Puppy Pilot Associate to stay at your home overnight as you will be given puppy training at your home.

To record your interest in this service, please fill out our Farm Visit form. (Click here for our Farm Visit page)

Here is an overview of how this service works:

Puppy Pilot Program

The puppy pilot program has been developed to provide delivery of an Island Miniature Schnauzer puppy to its new home accompanied by a team member in the cabin of an airplane.

Primary to the trip is the comfort, health and safety of the puppy.

Prior to departure, one needs to collect the puppy (of course), an appropriately-sized soft-cover dog kennel (to fit under the seat in front), and have all veterinary and breeder paperwork in hand. Additionally, take a collar, leash, towel or blanket for the kennel, a soft chew toy like a Nylabone, several ‘puppy pads’ (flat absorbent diaper), bags and a cloth for cleanup, some dry food, water, and a small container with a screw lid (multi-purpose food/water bowl).

Before entering the terminal, the puppy is given a walk as a last chance for what could be a long ride. Check in at the airport involves paying an airline fee for the dog and showing veterinary paperwork. The dog age and kennel size may also be verified; dogs must be of a minimum age to enter other countries i.e. four months old in the USA. Next comes airport security screening where the puppy is removed from the kennel and carried through security by the escort.

Prior to boarding, a bathroom break is in order. A ‘Family’ bathroom is preferable due to the size, privacy and drop-down shelf, but any washroom will do if necessary. A puppy pad is laid out on the floor and duties are encouraged. It’s also a good time to feed (a small amount) and water the puppy. Repeat as necessary if there is enough time, or between connecting flights. Some airports, i.e. Seattle, have ‘pet relief’ stations in certain terminals – very handy to be aware of.

During the flight, the puppy is required to stay in the kennel. Verbal reassurances, a warm hand, and an offer of water now and then helps them along.

Arrival at the new country may involve a separate intake for the puppy. In the USA, for example, the Centre for Disease Control has the final word on importation and the puppy is taken to a separate area for evaluation. Once all the relevant paperwork has been approved, a final security screening is carried out, once again with the puppy taken through in the arms of the escort.

Finally, it’s time to connect with the new owner(s) in the puppy’s new home. The smiles on the faces are worth the trip alone.