These puppies are owned by our good friend and Groomer, Genevieve Lowe.  Her dog, Soleil, was born at Island Miniature Schnauzers.    Here is Genevieve’s write-up:

What a blessing!  Soleil’s first litter of puppies are so sweet and gorgeous just like their Mom.  Soleil had an easy birth and was an exceptional Mother who made our job easy!  She doted on them and had such a strong attachment during their first few weeks of life – a natural!  These puppies will mature in the range of 10-12 lbs.

These puppies are super socialized with children as I have 4 children so these puppies are handled and played with every evening and on the weekends.  The whole litter was taken to my youngest son’s elementary school for the children to love and play with them.  The puppies and the children had a wonderful time.

These puppies have already brought our family so much joy – soon it’ll be time for them to bring such joy to you and yours.

Upon homeward bound, they will have received their first set of vaccinations, been pre and post bile acids tested and micro chipped.   They are available to go home from December 29th on wards.

Wolfie – Male – White – $1600.00

Wolfie is an enthusiastic and cheerful little puppy – a true extrovert.  First one to climb out of the nest.  He is a natural hunter and enjoys playing chasing and fetching games.  He has a lower maintenance coat, is very sociable and is the favourite with our children.

Vienna – Female – Chocolate with fawn points  – $1850.00

Vienna is such a calm and quiet puppy.  She and “Jordie” sit and watch the other pups play and then when the others fall asleep they start up their own fun.  She is so sweet and soft and looks at us so lovingly when we pat her.


Whimzy – Female – Chocolate – Lush Coated  – $1850.00

This pup stole my heart because she is so adorable in every way.  She is as happy and sweet as she is fluffy – always wagging her tail and ready to play or have a cuddle.  She lives to curl up on my lap but also loves a wild time with my Sons.









Jordie – Male Chocolate and White Tuxedo – $1850.00

Jordie loves to be carried around and cuddled.  He is quiet and calm and loves to sit and watch his siblings play and then joyfully joins in once things have settled down a bit.  Jordie’s markings are unique – we love his golden ears and chocolate and white body pattern – a Tuxedo coat pattern which is rare.  His coat will be a lower maintenance type.









Fable – Chocolate Female – $1850.00 – SALE PENDING









To book a visit at our home to choose and deposit on your puppy, please fill out the Farm Visit form found on this website.  Thank you.