Our first Fall litter has arrived.  There are 5 boys and 1 girl.  All are parti-coloured Miniature Schnauzers.  Maturity sizes should range from 12 lbs. through to 14 lbs.  As time unfolds, we will present each puppy with a more detailed description.  A puppy video will be posted late November.  These puppies will display their parents agility ability; love of water, and an abundant loving nature

We will arrange for Farm visits from November 30th on wards.   They can go home from December 22nd on wards.   Upon homeward bond they will have received their first 2 sets of the core vaccinations, received their pre and post bile acids testing, been de-wormed and received their de-flea medication.

Here is a picture of the new puppies:








Here are these puppies at 1.5 weeks of age:









Here are the individual puppy pictures.  The puppies are 3 weeks of age in these pictures.

UNEX – male – chocolate and white

UNIE – male – chocolate and white

UNIKA – female – chocolate and white

URRO – male – black and white

UKIE – male – chocolate and white 

UNYX – male – black and white

   Here is a video of these puppies with coloured ribbons.  These puppies are 4 weeks young in this video:


Here is the colour ribbon key:

Silver, Male, Unex

Green, Male, Unie

Fuchsia, Female, Unika

Orange, Male, Urro

Yellow, Male, Okie

Purple, Male, Unyx