Our sweet Tuxedo presented us with a litter of 4 puppies.  There is 1 boy still available – Blue.   He is a dark chocolate and white parti and will mature in the range of 12-14 lbs.  Blue has been trained with our 0 Tolerance Alpha Training Technique, utilizing the “Cesar Touch”.  He is just like his parents, easy to train, very respectful, intelligent, well bred with a zest for life.   

Blue has just been neutered (August 8), has had his three sets of vaccinations.  He has been blood tested and Vet checked, and is now ready to join up with you and yours.   Blue has been Litter Trained off-site for 3 weeks.   Blue is play pen and carrier trained to be quiet and calm.  Blue is CM leash trained.  He will be great with any type of family.  Now all he needs is your love.

Now a bit about Island Miniature Schnauzers:

Island Miniature Schnauzers hold a valid and current breeding and boarding license.  Our 12 acre property has been rezoned to allow us to love, train, breed and board Miniature Schnauzers.  We

We also offer Home Life Training where you puppy goes off-site to one of our Trainer’s home for seven days.  Your puppy will learn how to ask to go outside for potty; walk on the leash; ride in the car; be polite to other doggies and people and generally just experiencing life in a respectful and calm manner.

If interested in Blue, please fill out our Farm Visit form (short).  From this form I will contact you to discuss such areas as:  your life style, your residence style, your family, your energy levels etc.

Thank you.

Here is a picture of Blue – he will mature in the range of 14-16lbs.









Here are 3 videos of Blue up in our forest (August 10th):