Reservations for upcoming puppies are captured through our Farm Visit form.  We respect the date and time of each form. 

We will contact you from your form to establish which upcoming litter would be best suited for you and yours.  The following criteria are utilized for our decision:

  • Your energy level
  • Your family (children, ages, senior)
  • Your residence style
  • Your level of calmness


Once the puppies have been born, their litter picture will be posted when the puppies are one week of age.   Videos will commence when the puppies are four weeks of age. 

We will schedule your Farm visit when the puppies are 7 weeks of age (1 week after their first set of the core vaccinations).   Upon your initial Farm visit day, you will meet and greet the parents of the puppies; choose a puppy with our assistance; deposit on your puppy and choose the date of your puppy pick up.   

We will discuss with you and yours the benefits of our Home Life Training program.  This is a one week, off site, puppy training program where one of our Trainers teach your puppy how to go potty outside; how to travel on and off the leash; how to be quiet in it’s carrier and play pen; how to be quiet all night in it’s carrier; how to enjoy the car and how to be sociable with other dogs and people.  We highly recommend this training program.  The cost is $190.00, taxes are extra.

You will receive an one hour training session before you take your puppy home.  This training is to teach you how to keep your puppy well trained.


We are pleased to advise that Ajax (Black and White Toy Sized Stud) and Coo-Coo (Chocolate Miniature Sized Female) are expecting their puppies June 25th.

There will be Toy chocolates; Toy blacks; Miniature chocolates, blacks and perhaps a Teacup from this litter.










Also expecting is LadyBelleII.  She also was serviced by Ajax.  She is due June 12th.  Here is LadyBelleII’s picture.  (She is not photogenic!):

There will be Toy chocolates; Toy blacks; Miniature chocolates, blacks and perhaps a Teacup from this litter.









Our beautiful AdeevaII was bred by our handsome Texacano.  Their puppies are due June 14th.

There will be blacks, whites and partis from this litter, all Miniature sized puppies.  White female puppies will be kept at the Farm.









From these three litters, we are expecting Toys (chocolates) and Miniatures (blacks, chocolates and partis).  Perhaps even a Teacup chocolate!  Prices will range from $1650.00 through to $4,000.00.  Prices are dependant on size and colour. 

Please fill out our Farm visit form if you wish your name to be placed on our Reservation List.  (I will respect the emails that I have already received in regards to reserving a Toy puppy).  I also respect the date and time of the Farm Visit forms.