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Island Miniature Schnauzers

Island Miniature Schnauzers is located on Vancouver Island, just outside of the town of Sooke in a geographical area called Otter Point – 50 kms. from Victoria, BC.   We are a registered breeding and boarding facility, established in 2006.   We participated in 6 months of CRD public hearings to obtain our license.  Our acreage has been rezoned to comply with our breeding and boarding license.   We have a satellite office in Alberta, operated by our Senior Operations Manager – related puppy postings will reflect “Alberta” in the heading.  We have a Breeding Partner located 5 kms. from our farm – our Senior Groomer and Home Life Trainer.  These puppy postings will reflect this information.

Upon arriving at our farm, you will find yourself amidst a group of brightly coloured, lush coated Miniature Schnauzers, fondly known as the “Doggang”.   The Doggang share their own living quarters which includes group doggie beds and a large activity centre.  Couches, chairs, cushions and slides are the furnishings of their large pen.

We enjoy regular off leash outings up in our mountain terrain.   The Doggang enjoy regular romping by themselves, as well as, with our Trainers.  They participate in hourly romping freedom up in our forest.

Our love for our Doggang and their puppies is always paramount.

Our puppies stay with their Mothers until they are 9-10 weeks of age as they have so many lessons to be learned from their Mothers and their Aunties.  The litters are posted at nine weeks of age via a video, as well as, separate puppy pictures.  Once you have found a puppy that catches your eye, please fill out our Farm Visit Form.   From this form we will discuss the puppy of your interest, your life style, family makeup, your residence style and your energy levels.  

All our dogs and their subsequent puppies are trained to show affection by providing kisses and hugs.  We breed for temperament first, resulting in loving puppies.  We have fourth generation breeding females who have learned this loving behaviour which is embedded in their puppies’ DNA.

At Island Miniature Schnauzers we do not incest breed.

At Island Miniature Schnauzers we are honoured to share the miracle of puppy birth with each of our females.  After the birth of each puppy, we ensure that it receives its first sip of warm colostrum milk, and tuck it away into a warm blanket while their Mother prepares for another birthing.

Our new born puppies and their Mothers stay in our bedroom for the first 4 weeks.  At four weeks of age, the Mothers and their puppies are moved to our Nursery where each litter has their own play pen.  These play pens encourage the puppies to commence their exploration of life.

At 6 weeks of age the puppies receive their first vaccination and at 9 weeks of age they receive their second set of vaccinations.  At 10 weeks of age, the puppies go to our Vet for pre and post bile acids testing and a health check-up.  

At 10 weeks of age and on wards the puppies, under strict supervision, are allowed to freely mingle with the Doggang.  Once all introductions are complete and there are no personality issues, the puppies are allowed to play and learn social valuable lessons independently with the members of the Doggang.  The puppies are placed back into their play pen at night time.

All our puppies are inside and outside potty trained and have been trained with our 0 Tolerance Alpha Training techniques which ensures that your puppy is polite, eager to learn and quiet.  We also offer off-site training where one of our Home Life Trainers train your puppy to simulate their potty training in a different home than ours, as well as, the puppies are trained to walk correctly on a leash, ride in the car, experience children and other doggies out on the trail.  The cost for this additional off-site training is $180.00.

Our mainland coastal customers can receive their new puppy via Harbour Air.  We find Harbour Air respectful and careful with the shipment of our puppies.  The flight only takes 20 minutes.

We welcome your qualified farm visit to experience the joy and magic that our Doggang provide to us on a daily basis.  We can be contacted via telephone or email.  All our puppies are sold with a Non Breeding Contract.  Taxes are extra.